Forest School visit and Megan’s Open Studio

North Tynies Forest School 2018

We had an action packed day at VARC on Saturday. The morning was spent down in the woodland glen with families from North Tynies Forest School. They explored the woods, played games took part in activities led by Karen Rann and Megan Randall. Karen rigged up tubes to create a waterway and Megan helped the children to mimic tree canopies within umbrella frames, leave rubbings and ribbons. For lunch, everyone enjoyed pizza cooked in the clay oven and marshmallows around the fire.

Later in the day, Megan invited visitors into the studio to share her previous work and present some initial ideas for her residency. Megan is with us until June next year and is interested in exploring themes around mending/repairing and is researching Celtic money rings. She would like to create a Tarset Willow Pattern and has an idea to request love notes from the community in exchange for ceramic objects. We’re excited to follow her development over the next 10 months.